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You are welcome to participate!


The 1st Ionian Technology Transfer Meeting will be held as hybrid meeting, with live presence at the central campus of the Ionian University , the historic "Ionian Academy" and online at the same time. 

The participants may be:

  • -Researchers or students in VR/AR Technologies and Audiovisual Technologies 

  • -Entrepreneurs and Business executives, exploiting VR/AR Technologies and Audiovisual Technologies

 If you are a Researcher or a student submit your registration  here

If you are an Entrepreneur or a Business Executive submit your registration here

After your registration you will receive the details for your participation (live or online).

Participants are invted to join the Tech Transfer Acceleration Bootcamp

(More information here)

You may make a curated Networking Meetings with the support of the organizational team.

(More information here

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